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Unreceived, Damaged and Incorrect Orders

I haven't received my order, where is it?

Please note due to the current situation regards COVID-19 there are reduced Royal Mail staffing levels in some areas. Increased delivery times may therefore be experienced in some cases. We would like to thank our customers for their patience and understanding in the event this affects your delivery.

If you have not received your order within 7 working days once shipped, please contact us to advise us of this (please allow up to 14 working days for non-European international deliveries). We are subject to Royal Mail policies and procedures in respect to any unreceived orders and as such, please note the following:

- We ship most UK orders via Royal Mail services which have a 2-3 working day timeframe for delivery and we cannot provide a refund/replacement for any missing/unreceived orders until 15 working days have passed since the item was due to be delivered. For international orders within the EU, this period is 20 working days after the item was due to be delivered. For all other countries, a 25 working day period applies.

- We must receive notification of an unreceived order within 30 days for UK orders and 40 days for international orders. We are unfortunately unable to offer replacement goods/refunds for any unreceived orders reported after this period.

For additional information, please visit the Royal Mail claims/compensation guidelines here.

My order has been delivered but I haven't received it

We receive delivery confirmation on all orders and can confirm with our shipping partners whether a parcel has been delivered or not.

If delivery is made to a business or accommodation that is occupied by multiple people (e.g. student accommodation, flats, house shares etc.), please ensure that your order is correctly addressed to the recipient. If a parcel is not correctly addressed to the individual it may not be forwarded onto them by the mailroom, reception or whoever handles post coming into the building.

Please also confirm that the address provided is correct. We cannot accept any liability if the parcel is confirmed as delivered by our shipping partner but the address or recipient details provided to us are false, incorrect or partial.

I received my order, but some of the products are damaged. What can I do?

Customers must contact us to inform us of any issues, and not contact the courier directly as they will be unable to help you. To report any products damaged in transit, please use the link below to access our contact form and get in touch. Your message must include your order number, details of the products damaged and also the date the order was delivered. We can then advise regarding the next steps via e-mail.

We must be advised of any damaged products within 5 days of them being delivered. If products are ordered as a gift, please inspect them upon receipt as we cannot accept notification of damage at a later date.

We are unable to consider damage to any external packaging, shipping boxes or product packaging as a "damaged item". Such packaging is intended to protect the internal product and we cannot offer compensation, a refund or replacement in the event of damaged packaging.

Where products such as anime figures, food or manga are ordered alongside heavier items such as drinks there is a chance that the lighter products may be damaged in transit. Orders containing these heavier items amongst other items are more susceptible to damage even if well packed internally due to the potential for heavy items to move internally during in transit. We pack all orders in a manner which typically prevents any damage occuring, however, we cannot guarantee this will always prevent damage being caused in transit depending on the combination of products purchased. We may not be able to offer any compensation for orders where we determine that the damage has occured in transit due to the combination of products purchased.

Please be aware that all products returned with damaged/missing parts are inspected. Where we determine products have been damaged deliberately or are advised of missing parts that we determine have been removed after delivery to the customer, the product will be returned and no refund or replacement will be provided. This may also result in account/ordering restrictions. If a customer changes their mind regarding a product, please contact us and request to return the product.

My order has been delivered but I have received the wrong product

In the event that an order is delivered and contains an incorrect product, please contact us using the Contact Form linked below and our Customer Support team will be able to assist.

We will be able to arrange the return of any incorrect product received to us as well as arrange shipment of the correct product. Please note, should an incorrect product be received will do ask that it is returned before we are able to dispatch any replacement/correct products.

Important: If an incorrect product is received, it should be returned to us unopened. As most products can be identified by their packaging, we would not expect an incorrect product to be opened prior to being returned. If an incorrect product is opened, we reserve the right to consider this acceptance of the goods delivered and may not be able to accept a return.

Information regarding Food Orders

Please note that during the summer months, food orders may be impacted by the heat while in transit. While in transit, parcels may get warm and this may cause food to melt or be heated depending on the type of foodstuff. Please take this into account when ordering food, especially if ordering from outside the UK where transit times to your location may be several days or longer.

We store all food in suitable conditions and cannot accept any liability for food orders affected by the weather/environment while in transit.

IMPORTANT Information regarding recipient names

Please ensure that the recipient's legal name, or a name they can provide ID or proof of identity for, is used when providing an address. We do not recommend using incomplete, fake/false or joke names when placing an order. We reserve the right to reject any orders placed using a known fake or false name as these are unlikely to be able to be collected in the event of non-delivery and may cause issues with delivery.

If an order is unable to be delivered and is held for collection at one of our shipping partners depots or collection points then ID may be requested to allow the parcel to be picked up. The parcel may be returned to us if the person collecting it cannot prove they are the intended recipient.

If an order is to be delivered to a location occupied by multiple people (e.g. business address, student accommodation etc.), then a real name is required to be provided so that the parcel can be delivered to the intended recipient once it reaches the address.

We cannot accept any liability for non-delivery or collection in the event that a parcel is delivered to the correct address but an incorrect, fake or false name was provided which then prevents it from being handed over to the recipient.

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