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Pre-Order Information

Pre-Orders are an ideal way of securing the most popular figures before they sell out! We offer a flexible pre-order policy to suit your needs, ensuring you don’t miss out on getting your hands on the figure you want.

Please Note: We are unable to offer Klarna and Clearpay as payment options for any orders that contain pre-orders.

In-stock dates, shipping and potential delays

Release/expected in-stock dates are an esitmate of when we expect to receive our stock. These dates are accurate at time of the products addition to our website. However, Dekai Anime reserve the right to adjust pre-order release/expected in-stock dates not limited to delays caused by the following: release date adjustment by the manufacturer/supplier, early or late delivery of stock, force majeure and postal delays.

All in-stock dates are estimates. Products may arrive earlier or later than expected and customers will be invoiced when they are available.

Any in-stock dates shown on pre-order product listings are an estimate of when we expect the products to be delivered to our warehouse. It may take several days after this date before pre-orders start to be shipped due to the size of the deliveries we receive and how long it takes our warehouse to process them inwards.

International and Japanese Version Availability

For some products we are may offer both the Japanese and International versions for pre-order. Many customers prefer receiving items in line with Japanese/Asian release dates while others prefer the lower prices offered by waiting for the International (UK/EU) release dates.

There may be some differences between Japanese and International versions of products such as the language on the packaging, different authenticity stickers used by some manufacturers on Japanese and International releases and over-stickering by distributors on International versions.

In some cases there may be some differences in product finish between the Japanese and International versions e.g. many Tokyo Revengers figures do not feature the "manji" symbol on the International versions.

Pre-Order Payment Options

Full Payment

Customers making full payment for most pre-orders benefit from a 10% discount off the items list price! This is ideal for customers who simply want to pay for their item and sit back and wait for it to arrive in stock and be delivered to their door!

Full payment is taken when the order is placed, and you benefit from the 10% discount!

Important: Some pre-order products may be substantialy discounted already in comparison to their Recommended Retail Price (RRP). In these cases we are unable to offer an additional 10% discount for full payment as our normal sale price is are already offering at a large discount off the RRP. Some older pre-order products (e.g. those added prior to 13/06/2020), may only receive a 5% discount.

Zero Deposit, Pay Later Scheme

Our "Zero Deposit, Pay Later" scheme offers customers the ability to place an pre-order to secure their item without any deposit required and simply pay when the product is released!

Once a product is in-stock, customers will receive an invoice via e-mail to complete their payment. Payment should be made within 4 working days upon receipt of invoice. Upon successful receipt of payment shipping of the pre-ordered product will commence as soon as it arrives in stock from our supplier (typically within 3 working days).

Deposit Scheme

Most scale figures and a selection of other products added after this date require a deposit to be paid to secure a pre-order.

Under our deposit scheme, the deposit paid covers our administrative costs in securing a customers order with our suppliers and invoicing final payments once the product is due for release and as such we cannot offer refunds for deposits paid. This does not affect customers statutory rights once a product has been fully purchased i.e. once the final invoice has been paid.

The remaining balance payment for pre-orders purchased under the deposit scheme must be paid within 4 working days of receipt of the invoice.

Important: Some older pre-order products (e.g. those added prior to 13/06/2020 and still not released due to manufacturer delays) may require a 25% deposit.

Pre-Order Shipping

Pay Later and Deposit Pre-Orders

All pre-orders placed using the "Pay Later" option or placed with a deposit will be invoiced once they are in-stock and shipping will be charged accordingly. If a customer receives multiple invoices for pre-order products close together (i.e. within a few days of each other) and wishes to consolidate these orders please contact us as soon as possible and we can advise.

Full Payment Pre-Orders

Pre-Order shipping is charged based on release month and shipping for Pre-Order products is charged separately to normal in-stock items. This allows us to provide shipping prices for any in-stock products you order separately from any pre-orders you might have placed at the same time. Where the total of products released in the same month totals more than £30, free shipping is offered. Where the total of products in a given release month is less than £30, shipping is charged based on product size/weight.

If you purchase multiple pre-order products which are released at different times of the same month, where possible we will ship once all of those items are in-stock although dependant on stock and pre-order levels, products may be shipped separately at our discretion.

Please see the following image for an example of shipping charges for an order containing both In-Stock products and Pre-Orders released in different months.

Please Note: Shipping charges vary based on location and products ordered. Example above shows shipping to an example mainland UK address. "Shipping: Dekai Anime" indicates the products are in-stock and are not a pre-order.


Please note that when you place a pre-order you are committing to buying the product regardless of whether you have paid in full or not. Pre-order stock is secured in response to customer orders and constitutes a special order as per our terms and conditions.

If you need to cancel a pre-order please contact us using the contact form below. Please include your order number and also an explanation as to you why need to cancel.

Please note that we do not accept cancelling a pre-order to place another order for a different product as a valid cancellation reason.

Cancellation requests will be reviewed and if accepted, confirmed within 48 hours. Cancellations will be processed in line with our Terms and Conditions. Please note that repeated requests for cancellations or cancelling shortly after placing a pre-order may impact your account and the ability to place future pre-orders.

Please note, we are unable to offer cancellations on pre-orders where a deposit option is available, including scale figures. This applies to any pre-orders made for such products, whether a deposit or full payment order has been placed. For prize figures, mini figures and merchandise where the "Pay Later" pre-order option is available, we are able to offer pre-order cancellations but any cancellations are assessed based on customer/account history. Should an account reach a level of cancellations we believe is excessive would then need to treat any further cancellation requests in line with our terms and conditions and potentially review the ability to place further pre-orders.

IMPORTANT: If you paid in full or placed a deposit, if a refund is processed as part of your cancellation we will deduct the processing fee charged by our payment processor upon taking the original payment. This is typically 3.5% of your pre-order value.

Additional Pre-Order Deposits

As a responsible retailer, at our discretion, we may request an additional deposit where customers have a number of outstanding pre-orders but have no (or limited) payment history. Any such deposit requested will be non-refundable.

Dekai Anime reserves the right to cancel pre-orders where necessary for any reason including, but not limited to, stock restrictions and amendments.

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