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FREE Pin Badge with in-stock orders over £30. Terms & Conditions

FREE Pin Badge with in-stock orders over £30. Terms & Conditions

Tax, Customs & Import charges

UK Value Added Tax

United Kingdom

All prices shown on this website include 20% Value Added Tax (VAT) as is standard in the UK. This tax is charged on all goods shipped to UK addresses.

All other countries

If an order is shipped to an address outside of the UK then no Value Added Tax is required to be paid on that order. We'll calculate the amount of VAT included in our product prices at checkout and remove it from your order once you enter your shipping address.

Please note, all orders placed before 1st January 2021 shipped to addresses in the European Union include UK VAT as the UK was still part of the single market until that date.

Channel Islands

No VAT is required to be charged on orders delivered to the Channel Islands due to their unique tax/customs status regarding the UK and EU. As with other countries, we'll calculate the amount of VAT included in our product prices remove it once you provide your shipping address during the checkout process. Channel Island orders must select Jersey or Guernsey as the country during checkout, not United Kingdom to qualify for VAT to be removed from their order.

Please note we can only offer a VAT refund on orders we ship directly to a non-UK or non-EU address. We cannot offer VAT refunds where the shipping address is inside the UK/EU and the customer then intends to subsequently take the goods outside of the UK/EU.


Customs and Import Changes

United Kingdom

We ship all orders from our premises in Lincolnshire. This means no UK customers will incur any customs fees or import charges on their delivery.

European Union

As the Brexit transition period has ended, all orders delivered to EU addresses after 31/12/2020 will likely incur customs fees and/or import charges unless they qualify for a local VAT exemption - this will also affect any orders placed on or prior to 31/12/2020 but delivered afterwards. Local VAT exemptions typically apply to orders under €22 in value but their availability varies EU states.

It is the customer's responsibility to pay all applicable customs fees and/or import charges incurred by their orders.

All other countries

We cannot provide a comprehensive list of possible taxes, fees or charges that may be incurred by deliveries to international addresses. Many countries charge customs and import fees on goods upon entry and the rules surrounding these charges may vary based on destination or origin of the goods. Delivery services may also charge service fees for handling deliveries where such fees and charges have been applied. Where charges are incurred it is the recipient/customers responsibility to pay all applicable taxes, fees and charges required.

Please note, while we appreciate customers may wish to try and reduce customs fees or import charges by consolidating shipments via international package forwarding or consolidation services we do not accept orders that will be shipped via these services. Any such orders placed will be cancelled and refunded. Examples of these services include (but are not limited to) Aramex, Borderlinx or vPost.