Christmas - Last Post Dates

We recommend that customers place any orders intended for Christmas delivery as early as possible. Every year, the increased demand for deliveries in December leads to a reduction in service level and delays with Royal Mail and most other couriers. Reduced air and freight capacity, high parcel volumes and winter weather conditions impact transportation and local delivery every year across the UK and internationally. Please order early to ensure you receive your order as soon as possible.

To meet the last posting dates for Christmas 2023, we recommend orders are placed before 9am GMT on the following dates depending on your location:

9am - 8th Dec Asia, Australia, Bulgaria, Middle East, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain
9am - 9th Dec Cyprus and Malta
9am - 10th Dec Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Eastern Europe, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, USA
9am - 15th Dec United Kingdom

We are now advising that the last ordering date to hopefully ensure that orders arrive before Christmas is the 15th of December. Orders placed after this date may not arrive in time and are placed at your own risk.

International orders placed after 9am on the final post date may not be dispatched in time to meet the deadline for Christmas delivery.

UK orders placed after 9am on the deadline date in December may not be dispatched in time to meet the deadline for Christmas delivery.

Orders placed after these dates may not be dispatched in time for delivery by Christmas. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that orders placed on or before these dates will arrive prior to Christmas as these dates are a guideline issued by our shipping partners (Royal Mail and DHL). We endeavour to ship orders to meet these deadlines to ensure the best chance of delivery before Christmas and as such we cannot be held responsible for any delay in the delivery process after we have shipped orders and passed them over to the care of the postal service.

Secret Santa Orders

If placing an order for a "Secret Santa" gift, we can ship orders in unbranded packaging if required.

Please include "Secret Santa" as part of the recipients name in the shipping address e.g. "Jon Smith (Secret Santa)", and our warehouse team will pack the order in plain packaging.

No invoice or price information will be included in the parcel, but a packing slip listing the products ordered will be included.

November + December Pre-Orders

Any pre-orders with a November or December release are expected in stock towards the end of each month. As release dates may change due to a variety of reasons, pre-orders may change to the next month or later. Please note that a product being a November or December pre-order does not guarantee delivery before Christmas.

December pre-orders have an expected in-stock date of 31/12/2023 and are unlikely to be delivered prior to Christmas. Depending on the freight/transport situation in late December, stock of some December pre-orders may not be received until early January as due to UK public holidays there is only a short window of 3 working days between Christmas Day and New Years Day that deliveries can be made.

Due to many products arriving with distributors via sea freight, there is potential for November and December pre-orders to be delayed. Due to this we do not recommend ordering November or December pre-order items if required prior to Christmas.

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