New Customer Guide

Whether you're a new anime fan looking to start your figure and merchandise collection or a new customer placing your first order with Dekai Anime, this guide will let you know the basics about ordering from us.

We offer a massive range of in-stock products as well as all the latest pre-orders. The ordering process is slightly different depending on whether you're ordering in-stock or pre-order products.

In-Stock Orders

Buying in-stock products is simple - just add the products you want to your basket then checkout and pay. We'll process your order in our UK warehouse and dispatch it within 3-5 working days (Monday-Friday) of the order being placed.

Add products to your basket
Checkout & Pay
Our warehouse processes your order
Your order is shipped


We offer both full payment and pay later options for most of our pre-order products.

Due to the high value of some products, we ask that customers place a deposit to secure their pre-order. You can choose your payment option on each product listing.

If you pay in full at the time of ordering, once you've placed your order you don't need to do anything else apart from wait for it to be delivered!

All pre-orders placed using the "Pay Later" option or placed with a deposit will be invoiced once they are in-stock and shipping will be charged accordingly.

If a customer receives multiple invoices for pre-order products close together (i.e. within a few days of each other) and wishes to consolidate these orders please contact us as soon as possible and we can advise.

Full Payment Pre-Orders

Add product to your basket
Checkout & Pay
Stock is delivered to our warehouse
Our warehouse processes your pre-order*
Your pre-order is shipped

Pay Later/Deposit Pre-Orders

Add product to your basket
Checkout (& Pay if deposit)
Stock is delivered to our warehouse
Invoice sent to customer via e-mail
Our warehouse processes your pre-order*
Your pre-order is shipped

* Pre-orders are usually processed within 3-5 working days (Monday-Friday) of stock being delivered or an invoice being paid.

Multiple pre-orders due for release in the same month

All pre-order products due for release in the same month will be held and shipped together if pre-ordered on the same order and paid in full at the time of ordering. For fully paid pre-orders, shipping costs are calculated at the time of ordering and take into account all pre-orders for the same month being shipped together.

If a customer has multiple pre-orders due for release in the same month but they are either "Pay Later" or deposit pre-orders or were placed on different orders, these will be shipped separately.

In the event of any delays, if the products qualified for free tracked shipping or the shipping costs were calculated based on multiple products being shipped together, all affected products on the order will be held until they have been released.

Pre-Order Delays

Information is collated monthly from all distributors and manufacturers we work with and an automated delay e-mail is sent to all affected customers at the end of each month advising of new estimated in stock dates.

Free Tracked Shipping on UK Orders over £30

We offer Free Tracked Shipping with Royal Mail on UK orders over £30. We charge shipping separately based on whether products are in-stock or pre-order, and also based on the release month for pre-orders. This means that when calculating whether an order qualifies for free shipping we treat in-stock and pre-order items separately as they will not be shipped together.

To receive Free Tracked Shipping on in-stock products you must place an order for £30 worth of in-stock products and to receive free tracked shipping on pre-order products you must place an order for £30 worth of pre-order products released in the same month.

Exclusions: Orders containing items of food/drink are excluded from the Free Tracked Shipping promotion.

More information on our free tracked shipping offer can be found HERE in our Support Centre.

Order Statuses

The status of an order will be updated as the order is processed. These statuses can be seen on your order page if you have registered an account.

Awaiting Fulfilment - Your order has been placed and will be processed by us shortly. All orders will default to this order status when placed.

Pre-Ordered - Your pre-order has been processed and is confirmed. Please note, pre-orders may take up to 24 hours to change from "Awaiting Fulfilment" to "Pre-Ordered".

Awaiting Customer Response - Our Customer Support team has been in touch and are waiting for a reply. The order will not be processed or shipped until a reply has been received.

Partially Shipped - Part of your order has been shipped. In most cases, this means in-stock or pre-order items have been shipped but there are still outstanding pre-orders on the order that are yet to be dispatched.

Shipped - Your order has been shipped.

Payment Methods

We accept payment by credit/debit card and PayPal.

All orders are charged in British Pounds (£/GBP) but if your credit/debit card is issued in another currency, your bank or card issuer will automatically convert payment into your local currency.

We can currently only accept PayPal payments from customers in the UK.

UK Shipping Methods

All UK orders are shipped via Royal Mail or DHL. Orders dispatched via Royal Mail are typically delivered within 2-3 working days of the order being dispatched. DHL orders are typically delivered on the next working day.

International Orders

We ship internationally from the UK to a large number of countries and territories around the world. All countries and territories we can ship can be found HERE in our Support Centre.

All International orders where Economy Shipping is selected will be dispatched by Royal Mail in the UK and delivered by your local postal service. Some orders for European customers may be dispatched via DHL Economy if size/weight restrictions prevent them from being dispatched via the normal postal service.

All international orders where Express Shipping is selected will be dispatched by DHL Express.

More information on shipping times for each shipping method can be found HERE in our Support Centre.

Support and Help

Our Support Centre contains articles answering many common questions customers have, such as pre-orders, returns and changing addresses. All these articles can be found HERE.

If you can't find the answer to your question in our Support Centre, please contact our Customer Support team. Our Customer Support team is available between 9am-5pm Monday-Friday. Contact details can be found in our Support Centre